Monday, 2 July 2012

when the skies glow red.

don't breathe
there is no oxygen left
the fire has taken it all.

don't move
there is no place 
safe for humans.

you understand heat
but these hundred shades of hell
are so unnatural you wonder
which planet you've been moved to.

the dryness tightens your skin
and liquid filters through you,
you're a sieve.
your brain screams "panic"
but your heart cries "be careful"
how can anything survive this?
you think,
and then you try not to.

every horizon drops 
and the atmoshere is
completely visceral,
specks of darkness fall
and you know they were once
living things, taken by the flame.

the light/dark paradox
of your situation is
ultimately eased by time
but somewhere something
is changed - you can never
unknow a fire.
you can survive it, or not
but mother nature is a dominating bitch
etching your psyche with her lessons.

so when the skies glow red,
then black
you'd better have 
your buckets full
and your affairs in order.

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