Friday, 2 November 2012

the cliff and the moon.

the pull of the tide bends me
fights your pushing
pushing away
the reality
that really scares you
the reality
of actually
to another
life form.

the clouds have lost
their colour now,
moon wash lulls
our senses as
the collapsing 
it will be left 
to the cliff
to tell our story,
the moon to see
our struggle
and our surrender.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

dream baby.

the thing is, dream baby
i left you behind.

the thing is, dream baby
i couldn't hold on any longer.

the thing is, dream baby
i didn't know if you were
past me, or future me.

the truth is, dream baby
you were so beautiful.

i remember you coming
private things in public spaces
i held you clean, close,
supported you as i sucked
the scent from your head
the life from your veins.

there will be days when i don't
think of you
but when i do, dream baby
you are the sun and the rain,
you drench my senses
with your presence.

you are the future and forever
all at once,
i look forward
not back.
the chaos stops,
the horizon shines,
the way is clear.

this is a dedication to the journey..