Monday, 4 March 2013

the book of us

the melting will happen
in the heat of your arms
where i will make it clear to you
with the arch of my back
and the clinging of my fingers
that the book of us
is yet to be written.

the melting will happen,
happen in space, and in time.
this is not a journey of
the brain, we have a physicality
that lusts for something other,
that cries for relief
from the singular story.

right now distance
is our aphrodisiac
as we send out our proxies,
the surges that alert us
of this being no ordinary fiction
but a fact as solid as
the truth in my eyes
and in my songs of yearning.

the melting will happen
and our appetites will be sated.

the melting will happen
and it will become our foundation.

the melting will happen.

Friday, 2 November 2012

the cliff and the moon.

the pull of the tide bends me
fights your pushing
pushing away
the reality
that really scares you
the reality
of actually
to another
life form.

the clouds have lost
their colour now,
moon wash lulls
our senses as
the collapsing 
it will be left 
to the cliff
to tell our story,
the moon to see
our struggle
and our surrender.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

dream baby.

the thing is, dream baby
i left you behind.

the thing is, dream baby
i couldn't hold on any longer.

the thing is, dream baby
i didn't know if you were
past me, or future me.

the truth is, dream baby
you were so beautiful.

i remember you coming
private things in public spaces
i held you clean, close,
supported you as i sucked
the scent from your head
the life from your veins.

there will be days when i don't
think of you
but when i do, dream baby
you are the sun and the rain,
you drench my senses
with your presence.

you are the future and forever
all at once,
i look forward
not back.
the chaos stops,
the horizon shines,
the way is clear.

this is a dedication to the journey..

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

the only place.

crystal keen to begin this thing,
over ready
over ripe
to start
instead of skirting the edges.
the only place that digging gets you
is down.

so we leave it to fortune
and hide under covers
no one is keen to reveal,
especially not in bitter mid winter,
the heartbeat that shows
who we truly are
what we truly want
because to do that, well
the only place that digging gets you
is down.

you try to move the goal posts
spinning words like
yesterday's pop songs
that I nearly fall for
again but don't.
it is better to dance nasty
than to dig deep
and the only place that digging gets you
is down.

Monday, 2 July 2012

when the skies glow red.

don't breathe
there is no oxygen left
the fire has taken it all.

don't move
there is no place 
safe for humans.

you understand heat
but these hundred shades of hell
are so unnatural you wonder
which planet you've been moved to.

the dryness tightens your skin
and liquid filters through you,
you're a sieve.
your brain screams "panic"
but your heart cries "be careful"
how can anything survive this?
you think,
and then you try not to.

every horizon drops 
and the atmoshere is
completely visceral,
specks of darkness fall
and you know they were once
living things, taken by the flame.

the light/dark paradox
of your situation is
ultimately eased by time
but somewhere something
is changed - you can never
unknow a fire.
you can survive it, or not
but mother nature is a dominating bitch
etching your psyche with her lessons.

so when the skies glow red,
then black
you'd better have 
your buckets full
and your affairs in order.

Friday, 29 June 2012

we become a rope.

lust tugs
at my edges
and my corners
bursts through
to my dreams
and my fantasies.

you are here
because i bring you,
because of who you are.

touch me
lick me
take me places
fill my spaces
because you
are goodness,
you carry the light
that might just
save me from
falling into the abyss
        but i don't want to talk
        about the vortex.

look for me
find me,
it's never easy
but holding
onto hope,
clinging to each other
and our dreams
is a worthy journey.
then we become a rope.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

the minutiae of our lives doesn't matter when you're drowning.

you give up
but then you get angry
at another injustice
another outrage
and all of a sudden
you care again.
it's easy.
you escape in art & music
nurture your soul
do your best
but always
the drowning happens.

you captain the boat
you see the lighthouse
you know the sacred
you are strong.

the wake of the past
dissipates to calm again
when you learn the lesson.
the lighthouse looms
as it should,
it is important
a totem for the future
a beacon
for when the drowning happens
to remember
you captain the boat.

pic by kevin brady